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Prepaid Debit and Reloadable Cards

ODW Logistics is a leading provider of warehousing and transportation services for prepaid debit and reloadable cards. We are Visa and MasterCard certified.

Why choose ODW Logistics for your prepaid debit and reloadable card needs?


  • Security: A key component in the prepaid debit card industry, our facilities meet the demands of the industry. At ODW, we have the following in place to keep cards secure and safe:
    • 80 CCTV day and night cameras throughout the space
    • Intrusion alarm system
    • ProWatch access control system
    • On-site 24 hour monitored security
    • Interlock feature
    • Card destruction capabilities
    • SFTP capabilities
    • Floor-to-deck mesh fencing
  • Location: Our headquarters for prepaid debit and reloadable card storage is in Columbus, Ohio. With this location, we can access half the U.S. population in a day's drive, meaning that your product is where it's needed most.
  • Fulfillment: We have the largest vault in North America with available room. From this 40,000 square foot room, we accurately fill complex prepaid debit card orders to retailers and merchandisers as each order is checked twice for accuracy.
  • Serial Tracking Capabilities: Here at ODW, we have the ability to accurately capture serial numbers, track them and destroy cards as required by customers.
  • Secure Transportation Options: Our transportation management team can support your shipping needs with discount negotiated carrier rates, full retail compliance, fine-avoidance pays and access to secured vehicles, when needed.