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Demand-Driven Logistics™ Solution

Today’s manufacturing industry needs require 21st-century solutions; our global marketplace requires manufacturers to produce at a pace to meet international demand. As need for a product grows, the manufacturer must do so too in an economical and profitable way. ODW Logistics, Inc. provides a Demand-Driven Logistics™ solution to help you meet these time-sensitive challenges using Andon Visual Technology (AVT).


ODW becomes a beacon for manufacturers by providing core logistics services from the time freight leaves a supplier to the time it becomes a finished good.  In this process, you want visibility, accuracy and scalability, while using LEAN-principles to get the job done in a collaborative partnership.

Visibility – You want to know where your product is in the world at any given time. We can help you do that; our fully-integrated system shows you from receipt to point of use with our 24 hour web-based platform.

Scalability – Whether it is the management of material flow or improvements for line side delivery, you want to know that your partner has the capacity to grow with your needs and your company.

Accuracy – As a manufacturer, inventory accuracy is essential to operating your assembly line at peak performance. ODW’s demand driven logistics solution helps your company maintain high inventory accuracy.


Reduced operational costs

  • Free up revenue producing space in your facility
  • Vendor managed inventory capability
  • LEAN operations including tools Kanban and level loading
  • Proven, measurable metrics
  • Reduced safety incident costs

Increased operational scalability

  • Higher operational productivity
  • Solutions Team expertise
  • Line side solutions
  • Warehouse/storage flexibility
  • Efficient, accurate inbound and outbound management
  • Flexed labor

Instant visibility of ODW’s performance

  • Integrated IT solution shows established KPIs against actual
  • Web-based 24/7 AVT viewer
  • Automated reporting of all metrics
  • Supported on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • Commitment to continuous improvement