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Shared Warehousing

Flexible Staffing

During different times of the year, warehouse productivity may need to fluctuate to meet demands. This can be hard to manage on your own. ! We have an internal staffing company called Staffing Leadership Group (SLG), which employs 400 associates. By using SLG, we increase our flexibility to adjust staffing levels as needed during peak times. That way you don't have to worry about your products getting out the door.

Staffing Leadership Group

Our in house agency, Staffing Leadership Group, recruits a skilled workforce to help conduct our day-to-day operations. We conduct:

  • Full background checks
  • Work histories
  • Drug screens on all applicants

Employees undergo an initial orientation and training through our SANDBOX system. They must successfully complete this training program in order to become an employee.

These steps ensure all personnel are trained, qualified, and ready to work on your behalf.