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Dr. Scholl's Client Spotlight

Dr. Scholl's Client Spotlight

ODW has the opportunity to work with amazing customers every day. Check out this quarter's company spotlight below!

ODW Logistics opens 500,000 sq ft distribution center in Columbus, OH

In late 2019, ODW Logistics opened a 500,000 sq ft distribution center in Columbus, OH to support a new partnership with Scholl's Wellness Company (SWC).  SWC owns the brand, Dr. Scholl's - a leader in the foot care industry for more than 110 years. Dr. Scholl's has become a household name and continues its mission to help people be more active and move comfortably every day in their lives.

Jeff Clark, Executive Vice President with ODW Logistics shared, "We are excited to partner with Dr. Scholl's as their third party logistics provider. One of ODW's focused verticals is personal care products.  With our industry knowledge and experience, we are focused on delivering service advantages and cost controls to Dr. Scholl's supply chain that will help them scale their business." 

Kate Godbout, Senior Vice President of Marketing with SWC stated, “ODW proved to be an invaluable partner at helping us to accomplish our goal as being a brand that is culturally relevant and empathetic to consumer’s needs during the COVID19 Pandemic by distributing 165,000 Insoles to frontline healthcare workers. We look forward to further building our partnership as we advance our mission to unlock the potential in every sole”.  

Client Spotlight

Client: Dr. Scholl's

Dr. Scholl’s® is an iconic brand that has been at the forefront of the foot care industry for more than 110 years. The company was founded in 1906 by William Mathias Scholl, M.D., whose focus on scientifically supporting the feet to improve mobility helped Dr. Scholl’s® become a household name. Today, Dr. Scholl’s® is owned by Scholl’s Wellness Company and continues to advance the science of movement with a mission to help people be more active and move comfortably every day of their lives.

Products: Shoe inserts, orthotics, foot care products

Quick Facts:

  1. In 1904, Dr. William Mathias Scholl invented and patented his first arch support
  2.  Throughout his life, Dr. Scholl helped bring more than 1,000 products to people around the world
  3. Dr Scholl’s was the first consumer foot brand in America
  4. Dr. Scholl’s(R) Custom Fit Orthotics kiosk was the first in store device to measure consumers’ foot pressure and customized product solutions in Mass Food, Drug channels.
  5. You sweat ½ cup of water from each foot everyday.  That’s why Dr. Scholl’s® makes foot odor and wetness sprays/powders.
  6. Just walking 3 miles/day creates 1,000 tons of force on your feet.