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HR Excellence: ODW Logistics HR team plays more than just a supporting role

HR Excellence: ODW Logistics HR team plays more than just a supporting role

By Laura Newpoff

Posted Jul 29, 2019 at 3:12 PM | Columbus CEO

HR Excellence 2019 Team Excellence finalist: ODW Logistics Human Resources Team

The human resources team at ODW Logistics works to be more than a support function. They’re involved in every aspect of the company including new business startups, labor planning, hiring, leadership development, performance management, recognition and rewards, culture building and planning for the talent needs of the future. 

Our team of 12 includes the hardest working, really genuine, most authentic people I’ve ever worked with.

Michelle Beiter

Vice President of Human Resources | ODW Logistics

ODW has a plan to grow its footprint and its revenue over the next several years, and that will involve new employees. To help streamline the growth, the HR team is transitioning the company from a paper-based system to an online new-hire application process. Beiter says that not only will create better recordkeeping, but will allow HR workers to spend less time on the transactional side and more time interacting with associates and company leaders.

Another initiative that is helping the company stay competitive in a tight labor market is how employees are onboarded. “We’re pretty deliberate about the employee’s first day and the experience they are going to have,” Beiter says. “We make sure each person receives a true orientation, a welcome to the company that helps them understand our history and values and introductions to the leaders within their building.

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