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Jason Clemings

Jason Clemings

Director, Continuous Improvement

Jason Clemings is ODW Logistics' Director of Continuous Improvement. This role was recently created so we would have a dedicated team to focus on continuous improvement initiatives. Jason has been with ODW for 2.5 years and prior to his new role, he spent time as a general manager. Jason has 25 years of experience in Global Distribution and Logistics. 

The cotinuous improvement team looks to improve service and offsets to cost for our clients. This program focuses on teaching the Lean methods, changing behavior, and is focused on improving morale and increasing accountability. This leads to longer sustainability and future growth.

Our mission is to provide a competitive advantage to our customers. Through simplicity and speed, we will deliver this value.

Jason Clemings

ODW Logistics

This program will help with:

  • Efficiency: Labor savings and improved service. 
  • Engagement: More satisfied employees which results in improved customer service. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Streamlined processes allows teams to focus on resolving opportunities. 
  • Effective Systems: Builds quality into processes and ease of implementations. 
  • Leveraging Advantages: Encourages a behavior of empowerment and experimentation.

Jason and his team look to focus on addressing retention, training, and standardization throughout the organization.  They want to create a culture of change within existing accounts, and assist with the transition of new accounts into the business.