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ODW Logistics Operation Spotlight | E-commerce Fulfillment Center

ODW Logistics Operation Spotlight | E-commerce Fulfillment Center

Columbus, OH

ODW Logistics operates a 220,000-square-foot distribution center in Columbus, Ohio for a leading cosmetics company. This e-commerce fulfillment facility is fully automated and drives efficiencies and cost controls. The facility delivers:

  • Best-in-class warehouse management system
  • Online reporting¬†
  • Real-time inventory visibility through our WebPortal
  • Automation to drive labor content savings

The automation within the facility includes a Carton Erector, A-Frame Conveyor, and an Automated Carton Sealer and Lidding.

Carton Erector:

  • Auto-constructs boxes
  • 30 cartons/minute

A-Frame Conveyor:

  • Can process 2,000 orders per hour
  • Reduced¬†60% of pick labor

Automated Carton Sealer and Lidding:

  • Auto-sizes carton for optimal dimensions
  • Can save up to 50% in shipping volume
  • 0 packing materials needed

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