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We specialize in the health and beauty industry and offer scalable e-commerce solutions, retail consolidation services, and vendor compliance processes for mass retailers.

Logistics for Food & Beverage Industry


We partner with prominent food and beverage labels, and offer frozen/cold, temp-controlled, and ambient/dry storage for efficient shipping to major food retailers.

3PL for Consumer Packaged Goods


We partner with a variety of fast-moving retail brands spanning from footwear to apparel to small electronics.

3PL for Industrial and Automotive Industries


Our strategic solutions are customized to meet the unique requirements of various industrial and automotive sectors.

Private Equity


From corporate carve-outs to management buyouts, we have experience scaling supply chains for private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

About ODW Logistics


We are a 3PL provider driven by our culture and focused on Delivering the Difference with purpose-built logistics solutions.


Why ODW Logistics for your 3PL


Accelerate your growth with a 3PL that adds value to every link in your supply chain.

ODW Making a Difference


ODW Logistics is dedicated to serving the communities in which we live and work and engaging with our associates.

Careers at ODW Logistics


Our growth is fueled by our extraordinary people delivering the difference to our clients every day.

3PL Services Case Studies


Learn how we've helped our clients to deliver them logistics solutions that produces results.

3PL Services Blog Insights


Read our latest blogs that give you insight into a variety of logistics topics.

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Learn about our latest awards, partnerships, and featured trade publication articles.

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Watch our latest videos that share more about who we are, our services, and more.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Integrated Logistics Solutions

Whether you're looking to streamline your operations, scale efficiently, or simply gain a competitive edge, this guide can help you make informed decisions for your business's logistics needs. The resources below explain different aspects of integrated logistics solutions and how an integrated logistics approach can significantly enhance your supply chain management.

From exploring the overarching benefits of employing a single-source logistics provider to diving deep into specific logistics services where 3PLs excel, each piece in this guide is designed to provide you with valuable knowledge and practical solutions. 

You'll discover how integrated logistics can not only drive value throughout your supply chain but also positively impact your business, brand, and customer satisfaction. You'll also find a real-world example that shows how one of our customers drastically reduced costs by relying on our integrated logistics approach.

Find out how you can save 20–30% with integrated logistics.

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The Basics & Benefits of Integrated Logistics

Learn what integrated logistics is and its key benefits, plus get expert insights and practical advice for how it can help you optimize your operations.

Integrated Logistics for Supply Chain Excellence

Integrated logistics, where a single 3PL provider manages multiple logistics services like warehousing, fulfillment, and transportation, offers significant benefits for supply chain management. Learn what they are.

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5 Benefits of Using One Single-Source Logistics Provider for Integrated Logistics Services

Working with a single-source logistics provider can streamline warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, and transportation operations, leading to more efficient and cost-effective supply chain management. Read this blog to understand the five main benefits produced by an integrated logistics approach.

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Integrated Logistics Solutions & 3PLs

Understand the big-picture opportunities presented by an integrated logistics approach and all of the ways the right 3PL partner can help.

3PL Services That Drive Value Throughout Your Supply Chain

Partnering with a 3PL that takes an integrated logistics approach allows businesses to adapt to market fluctuations and industry trends, enhancing their supply chain strategies and driving overall value. See why.

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How 3PL Services Drive Value for Your Business, Brand, & Customers

The right 3PL focuses on driving value through technology, efficiency, and taking a consultative approach that caters to the unique needs and goals of your business. See how this all comes together to drive value.

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The 3PL Services You Need for Efficient and Profitable Business Scaling

Learn about the solutions that help businesses effectively manage growth, address supply chain challenges, and focus on their core operations.

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12 Logistics Services Where 3PLs Excel

Partnering with a 3PL gives you access to a range of services that are essential for efficient and profitable business scaling. See what they are.

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An Integrated Logistics Case Study

See the results of our integrated logistics approach that produced major cost savings and more for a major personal care company, High Ridge Brands.

High Ridge Brands Sees 20% Cost Reduction With Integrated Supply Chain Solution

High Ridge Brands experienced a 20% reduction in total supply chain costs after integrating warehousing and transportation services with ODW Logistics. Learn about the other key benefits produced by this partnership.

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Explore more of our case studies to see how we've helped companies just like yours succeed.

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Ready To Streamline Your Operations With Integrated Logistics?

Moreso than ever, integrated logistics is a strategic necessity for people looking to optimize supply chains, reduce costs, and provide superior customer experiences. Contact us today to understand why we're the experts who can help you achieve impressive results with an integrated logistics approach.

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