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Manufacturing Support Logistics

Manufacturing Support Logistics

From the time a part arrives at the warehouse from a supplier to the time finished goods are prepared for shipment, we implement a Lean-based, flexible solution that delivers cost and service efficiencies throughout your supply chain. 


Manufacturing Support Logistics in Action

Inbound from Supplier

ODW Logistics coordinates the inbound delivery of your product through a vendor managed inventory system.

Inventory Management

We receive your materials and perform any unique product identifications, sequencing, and quality assurance at our facility and bring you real-time visibility throughout the entire inventory process.

J.I.T Delivery

Aligning to your line-side delivery needs, we coordinate the delivery of your materials “Just-In-Time” to meet the demands of your production.

Inbound to Your Facility

Materials are delivered and received by ODW Logistics at your manufacturing facility and prepared for line-side delivery.

Point of Use Delivery

ODW Logistics manages the line-side delivery of your product through a Kanban system - keeping your production line running efficiently.

Packaging & labeling

ODW packages, labels, and prepares your final product for delivery.


ODW coordinates and manages the final transportation of your product to your customer.

Reduce Labor and Improved Efficiency

Off-set labor costs by moving inventory offsite. Improve efficiency through reduced handling and lower inventory carrying costs.

Visibility through Technology

Our Andon Visual Technology helps manufacturers see their operations in real-time. This sophisticated system streamlines line-side operations, reducing headache and increasing productivity, all while predicting need.

Increase Operational Capabilities

Completing assembly work and storing products off-site reduces the need for space within your own facility. The parts and sub-assemblies required in your operation are delivered as they are needed.


A team of dedicated experts:

Our team of experts designs and executes an end-to-end solution that delivers you full visibility with real-time alerts. 

  • Inbound of raw materials
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Sequencing and product staging
  • Line-side assembly services
  • Just-in-time and Lean logistics solutions
  • Packaging, labeling, and delivery execution