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Supply Chain Design

Supply Chain Design

A lean and efficient supply chain is the goal for everyone, but it’s hard to achieve that alone. It requires input from all aspects of the process, even the third-party logistics (3PL) provider. At ODW Logistics, we help companies control costs with data-driven solutions, supply chain design, and deliver the most optimal supply chain solution. Understanding your current supply chain from beginning to end allows us to design a solution to meet your specific needs, control costs, and scale your operation.

Reimagine Your Supply Chain

Through supply chain design, we can streamline the supply chain process by way of location selection, engineered warehouse solutions, and analyzing your transportation network. Our engineered solutions deliver visibility, cost controls, and automation, helping you reimagine your supply chain and transform your business.


Location Selection

Leveraging your specific distribution datasets, our team identifies your optimal distribution center locations, taking into account current labor markets and your long-term strategic growth.

  • Identify ideal DC location
  • Multiple location analysis
  • Cost comparison modeling

Transportation Network Analysis

With our supply chain design software, we analyze your current transportation network and design multiple ideal scenarios that reimagine your supply chain and deliver cost savings

  • Transportation modes
  • Freight optimization
  • Speed-to-market

Engineered Warehouse Solutions

We work hand in hand to understand your current and future fulfillment needs and design a distribution center that is flexible to your operation and allows you to scale your business quickly.

  • Warehouse layout and design
  • Order-to-delivery process mapping
  • Automation design

ODW’s Roadmap to a Supply Chain Advantage



Learning Your Business and Long-Term Objectives

Onboarding to your business strategy, goals, and supply chain infrastructure to become an extension of your team.


Our DISCOVER Process:

  1. Comprehensive Research Meeting to understand your business goals, challenges, and objectives
  2. Analysis of your current supply chain
  3. Clear definition of success and opportunities for improvement

What You Get:

  • On-site visit to assess current distribution model
  • Complete analysis of current supply chain
  • Future state alignment
  • In-person business-fit presentation

Case Study

Finding the right solution meant instantaneous order entry with nearly 100% accuracy and labor savings



Purpose-Built Logistics Solution

Engineer a reimagined supply chain solution to deliver your business goals.


Our DESIGN Process:

  1. Our engineers design the optimal solution to improve service and cost controls
  2. Implement efficiencies, automation, and integrations to drive labor savings and scalable growth
  3. Design a purpose-built supply chain solution that meets and exceeds your business goals

What You Get:

  • Fanatical engagement with our team of engineers to design the optimal supply chain solution
  • In-person presentation of your custom supply chain solution
  • Alignment on IT Integration and concept of operations 

Case Study

Snack producer improves on-time delivery to 98.5%, drives 50% co-packing cost savings, and reduces shipping costs by $50,000 in 6 months.



Seamless Delivery and Application

Seamless execution via Project Management Organization (PMO) principles allows us to scale with your needs.


Our IMPLEMENT Process:

  1. Detailed schedule development by ODW Logistics PMO team
  2. Weekly status meetings and proactive communication 
  3. Seamless transition to steady-state following go-live

What You Get:

  • Dedicated project management team
  • Cross-functional Quality, Engineering, and Inventory Management teams
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Visibility and transparency throughout the process
  • Executive sponsor ensures overall program success

Case Study

Freight optimization of leading foot care provider drove $430k in chargeback savings and improved speed to market.



Your Supply Chain – Always Improving

Pushing for continuous improvement through data-oriented innovation.


Our IMPROVE Process:

  1. Continuously work to introduce cost and operational efficiencies
  2. Quarterly business reviews of your long-term strategy, metrics, and forecasts
  3. Proactive communication to identify evolve market changes and new opportunities

What You Get:

  • Visibility and transparency to your business metrics
  • Evolving supply chain to align with your business objectives
  • Always available dashboard with 360 transparency

Case Study

Our optimized Transportation Management Solution drove $4.4M in savings over 2 years for a fast scaling business.

A Personalized Approach Tailored to Your Business Needs

Our approach involves combing through your data to engineer integrated, full-service solutions that cut costs and drive real, long-term results.

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ODW delivered a strategic model that guided us to the most efficient and value-driven solution, to give us the visibility we needed.”