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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods


From footwear to home furnishings to electronics, ODW Logistics has experience in providing comprehensive logistics solutions such as e-commerce fulfillment, returns processing, foreign trade zone (FTZ) implementations, and flexible labor, helping shippers be more efficient with their inventory management and transportation solutions.

As your third-party logistics (3PL) provider, we’ll help you gain visibility into your supply chain and guide you toward growth. Supply chain visibility provides shippers real-time updates so that they can increase their speed-to-market, as well as helps them reduce their capital expenditures and efficiently manage their inventory and risk. To achieve each of these fundamental goals—timeliness, cost savings, reliability, and risk management—shippers should consider partnering with a 3PL logistics provider that can help improve their supply chain visibility long-term.

At ODW Logistics, we’ve adapted with the evolution of supply chain and, through personal experience and industry expertise, we’re able to be a trusted supply chain partner, especially in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. 


Our team partners with global footwear companies, delivering big-box distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, wholesale, drop-ship orders, and FTZ supply chain management solutions.

Home Furnishings

We provide warehouse and strategic transportation solutions for retail furniture and home furnishing companies and their selection of furniture, kitchen and bath items, and household goods.


We can design and deliver an integrated supply chain solution to meet your needs, from appliances and consumer electronics to high-end B2B electronics.

Consumer Packed Goods Case Study