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ODW | Lumineux Oral Essentials Case Study

ODW | Lumineux Oral Essentials Case Study

The Background:

Lumineux Oral Essentials was experiencing explosive growth in the natural oral care line. To meet consumer demand, the company faced rising costs in their supply chain.

The Solution:

Challenges facing Lumineux were inefficient packaging, underutilized labor, and rising shipping costs. ODW Logistics and Lumineux partnered together and engineered a solution that:

  • Reduced corrugate costs
  • Eliminated packing material (dunnage)
  • Improved customer delivery experience with branded packaging
  • Reduced parcel shipping charges with UPS®
  • Improved delivery speed to consumer

The Results:

Oral Essentials Results

The new brand-focused package reduced corrugate, requires NO dunnage, and cut billable weight. All improvements lowered total shipping by 18% to Lumineux.

The new package design comes fully constructed allowing labor to be re-purposed to fulfillment. This change reduced overtime and improved how quickly orders are processed through the warehouse.

Oral Essentials Results


ODW Logistics has been proactive in developing innovative solutions that deliver efficiencies and cost savings to the Lumineux Oral Essentials supply chain.

Joshua Rizack

Lumineux Oral Essentials