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We specialize in the health and beauty industry and offer scalable e-commerce solutions, retail consolidation services, and vendor compliance processes for mass retailers.



We partner with prominent food and beverage labels, and offer frozen/cold, temp-controlled, and ambient/dry storage for efficient shipping to major food retailers.

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We partner with a variety of fast-moving retail brands spanning from footwear to apparel to small electronics.

Logistics for Industrial and Automotive Industries


Our strategic solutions are customized to meet the unique requirements of various industrial and automotive sectors.



From corporate carve-outs to management buyouts, we have experience scaling supply chains for private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

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Graphic depicting business scaling with 3PL warehouse
10.31.20236 min read

The 3PL Services You Need for Efficient and Profitable Business Scaling

Graphic depicting business scaling with 3PL warehousePartnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) services provider is the proven way to scale your business effectively. By effectively, we mean efficiently, profitably, and without running into the common pitfalls that make scalability so elusive at times.

With a growth-focused 3PL like ODW Logistics, you have an outsourced team of supply chain professionals working in lockstep with your internal team to ensure operational intricacies are working for you and not against you. Having access to true experts in fulfillment, warehousing, and shipping—along with advanced technology and robust transportation management—can lead to substantial time and cost savings, helping to feed the growth machine as you pursue ambitious goals for your business.

Save 20–30% with ODW's integrated logistics solutions.

Setting the Stage to Scale

You don’t just need 3PL services; you need an optimized supply chain solution. It’s important to involve your 3PL early in the growth planning process to establish a foundation that can support consistently higher volume and significantly higher peaks. Our professionals, including solution design specialists, engineers, and operational leaders, consult with you to gain a deep understanding of your current and ideal state. This allows us to fully optimize facilities, from pick paths to handling to packaging, as well as transportation networks and modes to get your products to customers without delays.

In business, time translates directly to money. When we focus first on efficiency, we in turn unlock cost-effectiveness. And when we unlock cost-effectiveness, we enable scalability. But it starts with understanding your objectives and designing your supply chain to support growth. Learn more about the art and science of supply chain design. From there, we move into our 3PL services that drive your everyday operations, including:

Warehousing and Distribution

Efficiency hinges on the inner workings of your warehouse. ODW Logistics has many state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution facilities that are engineered for precision and practicality. They serve as operational nerve centers where efficiency translates into tangible benefits for our clients.

Optimal space utilization eliminates unnecessary overhead costs and enables streamlined distribution so we can move faster to fulfill more orders, with greater accuracy and a positive customer experience. As your footprint expands, our facilities adjust to accommodate increased volumes without disruptive transitions. In the context of warehousing and distribution, efficiency isn't just a buzzword; it's the measurable advantage that propels your business toward sustainable growth and competitive positioning.

Find out how ODW delivered an integrated supply chain solution that helped High Ridge Brands reduce costs by 20%.

Transportation Management

Freight often accounts for the largest portion of a company’s logistics spend. Outsourcing transportation management to a partner like ODW can deliver serious cost savings, especially when you entrust warehousing and distribution to the same partner for a holistic view of your supply chain. Our team excels at identifying redundancies and streamlining operations through retail consolidation and load planning to minimize LTL shipments and maximize the utilization of full trucks. This is known as freight optimization, which yields both short-term and long-term freight savings that ultimately boost profitability for your business.

See how Bellisio Foods saved $1.4M on transportation management by partnering with ODW.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Scalability is the ultimate aspiration for any brand selling its products online. However, this pursuit should never come at the expense of the customer experience. We understand that balancing speed, scale, and customer satisfaction is paramount. Our e-commerce fulfillment services are meticulously designed to harmonize these elements and drive exceptional interactions between you and your customers. It’s all about building brand loyalty.

A pillar of our e-commerce success is our parcel program, which takes the logistics of small-package shipping to the next level. By optimizing the process through intelligent order consolidation, efficient packaging, and strategic carrier selection, we minimize costs and transit times. This drives faster delivery for your customers, results in fewer returns due to damaged items, and secures competitive pricing for you in the process. In an age where online shoppers expect speed and reliability, our parcel program gives your e-commerce business the competitive edge it needs to thrive. When scalability and customer experience are in perfect equilibrium, your e-commerce venture is poised for success.

Explore our comprehensive guide to e-commerce logistics.

Manufacturing Support Logistics

While e-commerce companies find their path to efficient fulfillment scaling for consumers, manufacturing companies require a distinct approach to facilitate their growth. ODW Logistics recognizes the unique demands of manufacturing businesses and has tailored a specialized manufacturing support logistics program to address these needs from inbound delivery to final transportation to your customers.

One of the key elements of our manufacturing support logistics program is our Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery service. This is where we coordinate the precise delivery of your materials to align with your production schedule. A JIT approach guarantees that your materials arrive exactly when you need them, minimizing downtime, maximizing warehousing, and optimizing your production efficiency all around.

Additionally, we take care of packaging, labeling, and preparing your final products for delivery. As a comprehensive logistics partner, we also manage the final transportation leg of your product's journey, ensuring that it reaches your customers promptly and in proper condition. Our manufacturing support logistics process is designed to scale your manufacturing operations using our facilities, personnel, and solutions.

What should you look for in a manufacturing support logistics partner? We have answers.


It’s one word that takes on countless forms and functions in logistics. When you’re scaling your business, warehouse technology becomes a necessity to excel beyond manual labor. However, we want to simplify operations, not complicate them. Over-engineering with unnecessary technology can become counterproductive, especially if certain technologies are implemented as one-off installations rather than integrated solutions.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to implementing technology and automation in your supply chain. That's why we prioritize customization. Our goal is to apply our technology to your operations for specified productivity benefits and measurable return on investment. 

A prime example of our technology in action is the synergy between our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS). These systems speak to each other seamlessly to simplify your logistics operations. This streamlined approach eliminates redundancy and reduces the margin for error. It also gives you access to real-time information across your entire supply chain. The depth and breadth of data can translate to better decision-making in terms of identifying and correcting bottlenecks that could become more visible with the added volume of scaling.

Find out how ODW leverages leading logistics technology solutions and what that means for you.

Value-Added Services

As your business scales, the importance of differentiating yourself in the market becomes increasingly evident. This is where value-added services enter the picture, offering you a competitive edge by enhancing your product presentation and overall customer experience.

ODW Logistics provides a range of value-added services tailored to meet your unique needs. These services go beyond the standard warehousing and can include end-of-aisle displays, kitting, tailored repackaging, and more. If your business deals with diverse products or specialized packaging requirements, our value-added services can be a game-changer.

For instance, let’s say you're in the business of selling consumer electronics. In an industry where presentation and packaging significantly impact consumer perception, our value-added services can help you stand out. We can create custom packaging, assemble product displays, or even tailor packaging to match the branding of different retailers you supply. These services not only streamline your logistics but also elevate your brand's image, attracting more customers and potentially commanding higher prices.

See the leading brands that trust ODW.

See 3PL Services as Supply Chain Solutions

In all the above 3PL services, you gain a partner focused on enabling growth and, most importantly, devising solutions to your most pressing supply chain challenges. We provide flexibility. We understand seasonality. We live and breathe scalability. Let us lead and manage your logistics while you focus your internal resources on other mission-critical tasks. Start the conversation today.



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