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We specialize in the health and beauty industry and offer scalable e-commerce solutions, retail consolidation services, and vendor compliance processes for mass retailers.

Logistics for Food & Beverage Industry


We partner with prominent food and beverage labels, and offer frozen/cold, temp-controlled, and ambient/dry storage for efficient shipping to major food retailers.

3PL for Consumer Packaged Goods


We partner with a variety of fast-moving retail brands spanning from footwear to apparel to small electronics.

3PL for Industrial and Automotive Industries


Our strategic solutions are customized to meet the unique requirements of various industrial and automotive sectors.

Private Equity


From corporate carve-outs to management buyouts, we have experience scaling supply chains for private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

About ODW Logistics


We are a 3PL provider driven by our culture and focused on Delivering the Difference with purpose-built logistics solutions.


Why ODW Logistics for your 3PL


Accelerate your growth with a 3PL that adds value to every link in your supply chain.

ODW Making a Difference


ODW Logistics is dedicated to serving the communities in which we live and work and engaging with our associates.

Careers at ODW Logistics


Our growth is fueled by our extraordinary people delivering the difference to our clients every day.

3PL Services Case Studies


Learn how we've helped our clients to deliver them logistics solutions that produces results.

3PL Services Blog Insights


Read our latest blogs that give you insight into a variety of logistics topics.

ODW Logistics News and Press


Learn about our latest awards, partnerships, and featured trade publication articles.

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Watch our latest videos that share more about who we are, our services, and more.

Why Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio has a strategic location that provides easy access to major markets across the U.S. Situated within a one-day drive of nearly 50% of the U.S. population, Central Ohio offers an advantage for efficient transportation and distribution networks. 

The city's pro-business environment and supportive local government have fostered a thriving logistics industry, attracting leading companies such as Cardinal Health, Intel, Limited Brands, and Nationwide. 

With a highly skilled workforce, cutting-edge technology, and an abundance of warehousing and distribution facilities, Columbus has positioned itself as a prime logistics hub, serving as a vital link in the nation's supply chain and contributing significantly to its economic growth. ODW Logistics is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio where we operate over 15 distribution centers, and a 1 million square foot retail consolidation center.

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DC1 - Columbus, OH

1580 Williams Road, Columbus, OH 43207

Shared Facility
AIB Certified and ODA and FDA Registered

244,800 square feet
26' Ceiling Height
40 Dock Doors

DC2 - Columbus, OH

1590 Williams Road, Columbus, OH 43207

Shared Facility
AIB Certified and ODA and FDA Registered

275,500 square feet
26' Ceiling Height
27 Dock Doors

DC3 - Columbus, OH

1600 Williams Road, Columbus, OH 43207

Shared Facility
FDA and ODA Registered

235,750 square feet
26' Ceiling Height
28 Dock Doors

DCs 4,5,6 - The U - Columbus, OH

1650 Williams Road, Columbus, OH 43207

Shared Facility
FDA and ODA Registered

741,450 square feet
22' Ceiling Height
66 Dock Doors

DC7 - Groveport, OH

2859 Rohr Road, Groveport, OH 43125

Dedicated Facility
SQF Certification

312,000 square feet
32' Ceiling Height
28 Dock Doors

DC8 - Grove City, OH

3423 Southpark Pl, Grove City, OH 43123

Dedicated Facility
AIB Certified, ODA and FDA Registered

131,524 square feet
30' Ceiling Height
13 Dock Doors

DC11 - Lockbourne, OH

3657 Tradeport Ct, 100, Lockbourne, OH 43137

Dedicated Facility
FDA Registered

174,000 square feet
24' Ceiling Height
22 Dock Doors

DC12 - Groveport, OH

5465 Centerpoint Parkway, Groveport, OH 43125

Shared Facility
FDA and ODA Registered

478,190 square feet
33' Ceiling Height
50 Dock Doors

DC13 - Groveport, OH

2849 Rohr Road, Groveport, OH 43125

Dedicated Facility
NSF Certification, FDA, ODA and USDA Registered

313,000 square feet
26' Ceiling Height
32 Dock Doors

DC14 - Lockbourne, OH

1450 Commodity Blvd., Lockbourne, OH 43137

Dedicated Facility
AIB Certified & FDA Registered

500,000 square feet
32' Ceiling Height
57 Dock Doors

LCK1 - Lockbourne, OH

1595 London Groveport Road, Lockbourne, OH 43137

Shared Facility
ODA Registered

582,720 square feet
42' Ceiling Height
66 Dock Doors

LCK3 - Lockbourne, OH

6920 Schieser Farms Road. Lockbourne, OH 43137

Space Available July 2024

Shared Facility

929,142 square feet
40' Ceiling Height
93 Dock Doors

RICK1 - Columbus, OH

1533 Rohr Road, Columbus, OH 43137

Retail Consolidation 

Shared Facility

ODA Registered

1,000,000 square feet
40' Ceiling Height
104 Dock Doors


Our coast-to-coast facilities are equipped with specialized services, such as cold storage, autonomous robots, and multi-client consolidation, to ensure you receive efficient and customized solutions for your supply chain.



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